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Bump update: the third trimester.

I remember, just a few weeks ago, lamenting the end of summer and dreading what I assumed would be a painfully slow and uncomfortable final stage of pregnancy. While I can definitely confirm that my prediction of discomfort was correct, and perhaps slightly underestimated, I must admit that the weeks have actually flown by. 

Between the start of the new school year, our house renovation activities, and all of the baby related preparations, we've barely stopped. This is fine by me, as I almost always prefer busy over bored and it means that I am that much closer to my maternity leave, but in the back of my mind, I think I have always known that I wasn't going to be able to sustain this pace forever.
Thankfully, things are starting to slow down now. Figuratively, because we are now avoiding making any kind of set plans - especially those that require long-distance travel, and literally, because I am often to be found moving at a snail's pace in order to conserve energy. 
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