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I'm on maternity leave? aka Shit Gets Real

Thursday was my last day at work and now, after a long weekend, (cue the trumpets and celebratory fireworks) I am officially on maternity leave.

I guess this makes me a lady of leisure for the time being. I'm sure I look like one to the outsider. I've been prancing around in fleec-ey sweats, soft t-shirts and a fuzzy, owl-hooded bathrobe all weekend. Really, though, this is the only "outfit" that I am truly comfortable in at the moment - soft, loose layers that are easy to remove when my temperature suddenly decides to plummet or climb.

Yes, on paper maternity leave looks and sounds so good, but somehow I think the reality is going to be a little more complicated.

My last week at work was weirdly both relaxed and manic.

Relaxed in that I was essentially office-bound, as repeatedly walking up and down the stairs was becoming physically impossible, so any and everything that required attention had to mainly come to me. 

Manic in that there was so much to catch up on and com…

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