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How do you prepare for parenthood? You take the classes, read the books, and buy the stuff. But the truth is that nothing can really make you ready for what is to come.

What a cliché it would be to say that having a baby has been "life altering". What an understatement. I would suggest that, in many ways, "life consuming" might be more accurate.

The last month has seemed, for me, less like stepping up into a new role and more like falling down through a rabbit hole into an alternate reality, where time and logic have ceased to exist and every day is opposite day. This experience has been less like fitting a missing piece into a puzzle and more like redecorating an entire room to coordinate with a sofa that we just couldn't say "no" to. Or maybe like reading a "choose your own adventure" story where, when you reach the end, no matter which path you took, you are forced to acknowledge that you were never really in charge to begin with.

Some days …

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