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Why ten minutes matters.

Ten minutes. 

Ten minutes.

All the things one can do with ten minutes. 

Ten minutes would barely have been enough time for me to decide what to wear two months ago, but it's amazing how a crying baby can incentivize you. Or even a settled one that you know will return to crying in ten minutes time.

Ten minutes to a parent might mean a solo shower or a quick tidy or just a cup of coffee that can be sipped while still hot.

For me it has meant returning to my yoga practice - something that I have desperately missed and which can make all the difference to my physical and mental well-being.

I knew that it was going to be a challenge. Ten minutes is not a lot of time for physical activity, but it is enough. Enough to get started anyway. Enough to pause and enjoy where we are in this moment. To clear my mind and to take it all in. To regain perspective and to be able to greet my daughter when she wakes from her nap with a restored vital energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

And a smile.


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